iPhone Features

The iPhone application allows you to provide the following information/services to your customers.


Get the latest news as soon as it happens. See the headlines and drill down for the full story.


View a map of the area. Zoom in for detail. Touch it to find out the name of the store or attraction.

Shopping Directory

A complete directory of all stores/attractions. Find a store by name or by category. View the details of the store. One touch button to ring the store, visit the store's website or view a map showing exactly where the store is located.

Shopping Vouchers

Get store discount vouchers on your iPhone. Don't worry about carrying around crumpled discount vouchers. All your discounts are stored on the phone. Find a discount by store or category. Redeem it in store. Vouchers can be set up for single use or multiple use and available within a date range.

Movie Times

Had enough shopping? Head to the movies. Find what's playing and when.


Send messages directly to your customer's phone. Provide vouchers to those who use the application the most.


Back Office Features

The back office application is delivered via a Silverlight plug-in in your browser. This provides a rich, easy-to-use system surpassing normal web pages but still delivered via your browser.

It allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Manage the news stories
  • Manage discount vouchers
  • Set up stores
  • Define maps of your centre
  • View usage patterns and customer retention.