Local Knowledge In The Palm Of
Your Hand!



How do you know where the best takeaway is? What time does the wine shop close? You need local knowledge.

Want to know the latest news? Want to catch a local movie? You need local knowledge.

How do you remember all this stuff? You use an iPhone application that puts local knowledge in the palm of your hand!

Local Knowledge

Our Local Knowledge product allows us to work with companies to provide just such an application to their customers. We build solutions for shopping centres, theme parks and major events to provide information on shops, attractions, news, shopping vouchers and movie times.

However, Local Knowledge doesn't just give a company's customers access to useful information at their fingertips. It also provides valuable information back to the company. We can tell you how often the application is downloaded, how often it is used and where it is used from. These usage patterns can be used to reward customers with discount vouchers. We can provide a messaging system so you can send information directly to users of the application.

How Does It Work?

Local Knowledge is a two-part solution. The first part is a our back office browser application which lets a company set up all their relevant information on shops, attractions, etc.

The second part of the solution is our iPhone Local Knowledge framework. This allows us to provide an iPhone app with the company's specific branding. This app uses the data from the back office. This allows the company to update the information whenever they want and have this go down to the iPhone application without any further involvement from us.

Will I Need An IT Department?

Not at all. The back office application runs in a browser connected to our hosted servers. The iPhone application is managed by us and is distributed via Apple iTunes. Local Knowledge is designed to be a marketing-driven system!

What's Next?

Contact us for details and how you can share your local knowledge with your customers!