Rex The Roach

Rex was not really a naughty roach. But he didn't always listen to his mother.

So begins the adventures of Rex, a cute little robot cockroach. When he doesn't listen to his mum, Rex gets lost in a dark and scary place. Beautifully illustrated this is a charming story of Rex's adventures and the characters he meets as he tries to find his way home.

The story has it at all!

  • Handsome lead character. Check!
  • Cranky spiders. Check!
  • Playful dogs. Check!
  • Frankenstein mosquitoes. Check!
  • Mean looking cowboys. Check!
  • Rock legends. Check!
  • Artists. Check!
  • Sad bits. Check!
  • Happy bits. Check!
  • Don't miss out on the story of Rex The Roach. Coming soon for iPad and iPhone.